Half Shell Oyster House, Biloxi, MS

Half Shell Oyster House, Biloxi, MS
Half Shell Oyster House, Biloxi, MS

Though I have spent a lot of time in Biloxi, MS — the seafood capital of the world — I have had little cause to enjoy the local restaurants because the casino buffets have been readily available to me for free. Recently, having been buffeted-out (as if that is a possibility) I wanted to dine away from the resort to sample the local cuisine. A native Biloxian remarked that his favorite local haunt was the Half Shell Oyster House. I thank him for the suggestion.


It is not hard to locate as the restaurant is directly across the street from the Hard Rock Casino and just East to the more well-known Mary Mahoney’s. You can’t miss the sign at night which serves as a beacon to the hungry seafood seeker.


I started with a dozen oysters on the half shell as it seemed obligatory. Not only were they freshly shucked, they were freshly harvested that very day. Those little darlings were delicious. What can be said? Seafood at the source is the best.

For my entrée I ordered the Big Easy Surf and Turf — a six-ounce filet mignon on top of a fried crab cake.  Normally, I know not to order beef at a restaurant known for its seafood, however my breaking of this rule was delightfully rewarded. My medium-rare filet was cooked to perfection. It was topped and surrounded with lump crab meat and enshrined with a balsamic vinegar reduction which was divine. A light coating of béarnaise sauce enhanced the beef without overpowering. The cut was tender and buttery. The crab cake was crisp and “crabby.” The Cajun roasted potatoes were a perfect side to round out the meal.

My companion, the lovely and talented memoirist, Sandra Frank, was kind enough to share a bite of her meal. She procured an order of the Royal Reds, the house specialty. These shrimp are so luscious that they taste like lobster. To enhance this fact they were served with drawn butter. Though my meal was superb, the next time I visit, this is what I will order.

Service was great, food was divine and you just can’t get it any fresher. I look forward to my next visit.

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